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Thermal Suite

The Thermal suite has been designed to enable guests follow the Kneipp philosophy of warm followed by cool therapy.

Rasul Mud Room

This is a must experience! Perfect to share with a friend or partner. The private and beautiful chamber, has a domed roof covered in stars. Your therapist will prepare the finest Rasul mud for you to take into your seated chamber leaving you to lavish mud over the face and body. Known for its healing properties the Rasul mud will improve skin texture, detoxify and soothe leaving the skin incredibly soft and renewed. Soft music will lull you as the gentle jets of steam open the pores allowing the mud to work at a deeply therapeutic level. We highly recommend this treatment prior to massage. 45 minutes is required for the Rasul experience. £45 for one person and £65 for two.

Salt Cabin

A room decorated with mosaics, filled with a mist containing mineral salts. Through inhalation, the salts and aromas aid breathing and are beneficial for people with respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Herbal Steam Room

Experience the health benefits of an aroma filled steam. Toxins are eliminated and sinuses are cleared through wet heat. This has many health benefits and skin is left hydrated and glowing.

Experience Shower

Imagine a gentle waterfall or a rainforest downpour, which invigorates mind, body and soul. Experience the health benefits of alternating temperatures and colour therapy of lights to suit the mood. Seasonal fragrances are dispersed to enhance the experience.

Salt Pool

The spa has a salt water pool for guests to swim and relax in, to aid relaxation there is also a hydro-bench in the pool where you can sit and allow the bubbles to engulf your body.

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